GRAMophone II

a grammar based algorithmic musical composition tool

by Giovanni Ferranti

GRAMophone II is an algorithmic generator of music composition. The music is generated using two kinds of formal grammar: Chomsky's regular grammar (or Type 3) for a TOP DOWN approach to the composition and a reduced version of Lindenmayer grammar for a BOTTOM UP approach.
Go to GRAMophone II project page on SourceForge(dot)net for downloading latest binaries and/or the Lex/Yacc/C source code.
A pdf manual is available in english and italian.

GRAMophone II is released under GNU Public License.

Support This Project

I'm happy if you let me know about your compositions with GRAMophone II (Grammy for the friends) ;)

For contacts or any question write to: giovanni[at]giovanniferranti[dot]it Logo